Old Friends

Here are pictures of the many members and friends of the Sandusky Bay Chapter ASO going back as far as the mid 1980's. Many of the first batch of photos are from Seaman's Fort, a site that has been excavated for over 30 years! They show some of the initial surveying of the site and initial digging in conjunction with the University of Toledo Archaeology Department. Which at the time, was headed by Dr. Dave Stothers. Some of the photo's are of the first chapter picnic at the Seaman's Fort site as well as chapter meetings and picnics at the former Indian Ridge Museum home of Col. Raymond Vietzen, and the Sandusky Bay Indian Museum, home of Lynn and Gene Edwards. Those museums, like many of the friends in these pictures, are no longer with us. We dedicate these photos and share our history in their memory.  

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Seaman's Fort site survey 1989

Craig Stowan 1989

L-R Dr. Dave Stothers, Bill Young, George Demuth, and Andrew Schneider. Digging is Dr. Tim Abel. circa 1991 

Tim Edwards digging at Seaman's Fort circa 1989

Dr. Tim Abel as a grad student at Toledo University, doing initial excavation of the Seaman's Fort Mound. 

Bill Wolfe

TJ Edwards, long before computers would occupy most of his time...

Sue Bechtel at Seaman's Fort circa 1992

TJ Edwards, Les Gerkin, and Dr. Jeb Bowen circa 1989

Students from Toledo U. circa 1992

Dr. Dave Stothers overlooking the mound trench circa 1992

Brian Ebosh sifting excavated dirt through a mesh screen to separate any site material 1992

George Demuth and his fabulous hat giving a guided tour of Seaman's Fort circa 1991

Gene Edwards working on feature material circa 1992

Dave Betchman and Jay Zimmerman with guest at Seaman's Fort circa 1992

Archaeology Lab at Toledo University circa 1991

Archaeology Lab at Toledo University circa 1991

Archaeology Lab at Toledo University circa 1991


Archaeology Lab at Toledo University circa 1991

Dr. Tim Abel speaking for a chapter meeting at the former Sandusky Bay Indian Museum in Sandusky, Ohio.  1991

Dr. Jeb Bowen speaking for a chapter meeting at the Sandusky Bay Indian Museum, mid 1991.

The 1st chapter picnic at Seaman's Fort 

Doctors Dave Stothers and Jeb Bowen

Mrs. Sauer and Dave Boetticher


Gene Edwards

Brian and Dave Ebosh

Frank Morast

L-R George Demuth, Jim ..., Bill Wolfe, and Dr. Jeb Bowen at an ASO Picnic hosted By Col. Raymond Vietzen at his museum and home located in Elyria, Ohio. While the original Indian Ridge Museum is no longer there, there is a New Indian Ridge Museum curated by Col. Matt Nahorn.

Gene Edwards with display at the Vietzen Picnic 1991

Ron Sauer, also pictured is Dr. Jeb Bowen in the hat and Bill Young in the striped shirt. Notice the block of stone carved "Indian Ridge Museum est. 1930"

George Demuth manning the grill, with Dr. Jeb Bowen, Bill Young, and Jay Zimmerman (standing) at the Vietzen Picnic 1991

Sue Sauer

R-L TJ Edwards, Gene Edwards, Tim Edwards, Kathy Edwards, Mark Pape, Cheryl Demuth, George Demuth, Guest, and Dr Dave Stuthers.

Dave Boetticher looking at camera

Dr. Dave Stuthers, George Demuth, and Bill Young

Cheryl and George Demuth with Daughters, Tricia, Felicia, and Heather

Bill Wolfe, 1991


Jim Haas and Dr. Dave Stothers

Former Chapter Treasurer, Les Gerkin 1991 

George Demuth

Left Side, Kathy Edwards, TJ Edwards, ... Price, Maxine Price and Jerry Price. Head of the table is Cheryl Demuth and right forefront is Tim Edwards. Chapter Christmas party 1991

George Demuth and Daughters

Forefront Right is Gene Edwards

FARC Lab Settler's Day 1992

FARC Lab Settler's Day 1992

FARC Lab Settler's Day 1992

.Seaman's Fort summer picnic 2003


Lynn Edwards 2003

Les Gerkin and Gene Edwards